Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The First Task

  It was early morning, and I was just lying in bed. Rusalka left earlier, the same day that she had appeared, after talking to me about what this Ring really meant, why it would not be removed until my death - or hers. Apparently, she could not be killed physically, and she would not tell me how she could be destroyed, which left me curious for quite awhile...until I saw what truly could kill her. And I knew very well how my death could happen; I needed no clarification on that.
  The Fae came to me when it was dark, and I was barely awake enough to keep my eyes open. I had just awoke from a mother was sick back then, with cancer. In the dream, I was not there for her, but instead trapped deep underneath the Earth while she silently slipped away...and I never was to see her again. I woke up in a sweat since just before I awoke, the ground began to crumble in on my head. It was terrifying, but I'm usually used to night terrors like this. I knew the odds were against me, and my mother would probably not survive. She was already too weak to even speak much.
  Rusalka's voice is soft, but rushed. She speaks to me like a child most times...And instructs me on what to do...

"I know I've told you that I am now yours...But I only need a few tasks completed in order to be totally in your favor, Master. Three mere things retrieved, and I will be content."

  She didn't want me to feel rushed, or so she said, but she would prefer that these tasks were finished within a two-week time period. That's great. So now I'm given a freaking schedule?
  The first task, which was to be completed sometime that day or the next, was to get a key for the faun. And where might this key be found? In the fucking ocean. So I had to pay for god damned scuba gear and all, just to swim down probably a hundred feet underwater, right up to a shitload of coral, and go searching for fucking thirty minutes just to find a stupid key. Covered in salt water and fucking seaweed. At least Rusalka seemed entertained when I had a spazz attack due to the huge ass fish thing that came two inches from my face. I swear that thing looked like a sea monster or something. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if it was, anyway...I'm just itching to find out Rusalka has a leprechaun friend, too!

  Did I mention I kind of have somewhat of hydrophobia? At least, in the ocean...or any place that has dark water and dangerous things in it. So, I pretty much almost had a heart attack every time something touched me. Not to mention how grossed out I am about coral and seaweed. Ugh. Not my type of activity, that's for fucking sure.
  I just wish I knew what those next tasks would be. I would've never chose Ireland to fly to.

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