Sunday, June 12, 2011

One Lucky Guy

  Come on, you gotta admit it. How easy was that? Only five, easy as hell riddles and I'm suddenly in possession of a Ring...that just happens to give me ownership over a...somewhat attractive half-naked Fae. But, anyway! Heh...This isn't really about that...And anyway, if I'd known why those riddles were so damn easy, that Ring would be KILLED WITH FIRE.

  Rusalka was standing at the edge of my bed, and I thought at first she was just an image of my dream. She's quite amazing, actually...Her hair is so blond it's almost white, reaching down and covering her chest. Her face is...normal. Green eyes, tan skin. Body of a goat. Ears of a goat, pierced all up the sides. She also has a goat's nose, but...Well, she was born that way. Heh.
  Let me get serious now. The Fae-faun-hobgoblin stood there with a slight grin on her face, and she giggled, though I was still half-asleep and thinking, Please don't make this a nightmare. Seriously, every wet dream I have ends up with the chick eating the flesh right off my face. Ugh. But anyway, when I finally woke up and could think straight, you better believe I flipped the fuck out. And...she smiled. Still.
  "I am Rusalka, Servant of the Seelie Court, and you are now my master."
  I bet you know what I said.
  "What the fuck are you?!"
  "I am a Fae, but you may refer to me as a Satyr."
  "What are you doing in my room?!"
  "As I may have stated earlier, I am bonded to the Ring you posses by...a spell. Since you have taken ownership of this Ring, I am now bonded to you by this spell, and if you desire, may serve you in whatever way you wish."
  Wow. I never thought Satyrs existed, never thought some trip to Ireland would end up with a mythical creature at my bedpost. And to make it even more exciting, soon I'd realize that I was never meant to live wearing this Ring; I would end up like the other men and women who wore this thing on their fingers.

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